Burmese Children Hunger as the Generals Splash Out Than Shwe Burmese Children Hunger as the Generals Splash OutBy Htet Aung June 21, 2007 The public money spent o­n jaunts and junkets enjoyed by Burma’s junta chief, Snr-Gen Than Shwe, his family and friends would cover the cost of feeding 售屋網10,000 of the country’s under-nourished children for a year, according to The Irrawaddy’s sources. Life of Burma's children A rare document obtained by The Irrawaddy disclosed that nearly 10 million kyat ($8,000) was spent 房屋貸款 in January 2006 o­n a four-day trip by Than Shwe and a huge retinue to Ngwe Hsaung beach, in the Irrawaddy delta region, which is being developed as a tourism destination. State-run newspaper The New Light of Myanmar reported at the time that the pu 住商房屋rpose of the trip was to inspect Ngwe Hsaung beach “resorts and beautifying tasks.” Than Shwe was accompanied by more than 400 central and local government officials, bodyguards and other security personnel. The 10 million kyat bill was just for their stay at a 禮服hotel owned by Nawaday Hotel and Tour Co. Ltd, and excluded the personal expenses of Than Shwe, his family and a party of other top military brass and government members. Those expenses were picked up by Tay Za, managing director of Htoo Trading Co Ltd, who is believed to have se 建築設計cured profitable business contracts in return. A visit to Tay Za’s Aureum Palace Hotel Resort was o­n the general’s itinerary. Tay Za shares a virtual monopoly over development projects at Ngwe Hsaung beach with Wai Lwin, managing director of TMW Co Ltd and owner of Sunny Paradise Resort, Hta 吳哥窟y Myint, chairman of Yuzana Co Ltd and owner of Yuzana Resort Hotel and Win Aung of Dagon International Ltd, owner of Palm Beach Resort. All enjoy close relations with Than Shwe, who included visits to their hotels during his beach tour. Than Shwe made at least four similar trips in 2006—to Upper Burma in December, 結婚 to Irrawaddy Division and Arakan State in April and reportedly to Pyinmana in February. The total cost of a year’s travel around the country would cover a o­ne-year supplementary nutrition program for about 10,000 malnourished Burmese children, said a former social worker in a UN agency child development project. More than 3 有巢氏房屋0 percent of Burma’s children under the age of five are significantly undernourished, according to the UNDP Human Development Report 2006. The actual cost of Than Shwe’s jaunts is actually far higher than officially documented, since he is usually accompanied by his entire family, who are known to put extraordinary demands o­n the t 買屋ravel budget. During a visit to Ngwe Hsaung beach in 2003 a special flight was rapidly arranged to make a shopping trip to Singapore, to buy necessities for his daughters. And during a visit in April this year to Maymyo a helicopter was reportedly sent to Rangoon to buy roast duck for Than Shwe’s pampered grandson.http://www.irrawaddy.org/article.php?art_id=7548 信用卡代償  .
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